International Trade Union Movement For Chrysotile Will Continue the Struggle for the Future of Chrysotile

The meetings of the conferences of the parties of Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm conventions regulating the transportation and disposal of hazardous waste, the trade of hazardous chemical substances and pesticides, and the use of persistent organic pollutants are carried out in Geneva (Switzerland) in the period April 24 — May 5.

The regulation on the turnover of chemical substances and waste is the main topic.

The use of chrysotile asbestos in construction and industry is expected to be discussed at the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Rotterdam Convention. The anti-asbestos lobby, with the purpose of self-promotion, operating with anti-scientific facts, and the engaged environmental organizations and asbestos litigation law firms, basing their arguments on falsified data, will try to convince member states to include chrysotile asbestos into the list of severely restricted and banned chemicals and pesticides.

The International Alliance of Trade Union Otganizations Chrysotile declared that it will not allow the populism to win over science, and it will continue to fight for the differentiated approach to the regulation of various forms of asbestos as stated in 60th World Health Assembly Resolution and confirmed by comprehensive scientific studies at the international level.

The existing practice and scientific data demonstrates that chrysotile and chrysotile cement products posing no harm to human health when used in safe and control way.

A side event, with the participation of representatives of trade unions will take place in the evening, on May 4 in Geneva, to discuss the following topic: Labour unions role in sound management of chemicals — a differentiated approach. The representatives of Russia, Brazil, and Canada will participate in this meeting. The meeting participants will discuss issues connected with the differentiated approach in the use of various forms of asbestos.

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