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Trump Admin Makes Use Of Medicare Law In Blunt Warning To Asbestos Lawyers

In the Trump administration, at least, the government will no longer look the other way as asbestos lawyers negotiate lenient terms that make it easy for their current clients to get money at the expense of future claimants and federal entitlement programs.

The Justice Department last week used a law guaranteeing repayment of Medicare and Medicaid expenses to lay down a far more expansive marker in front of the lawyers who negotiate asbestos bankruptcy trusts, which are created for companies that would not be able to survive asbestos liability in civil courts.

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Trial Lawyers Are Betting Big on Biden

On February 24, 2020, Biden had a fundraiser at the Mount Pleasant, S.C., home of Lisa and Joe Rice. Joe Rice is a co-founder of the plaintiff’s law firm Motley Rice.

My review of Federal Election Commission records discloses about 30 contributions to the Biden presidential campaign from Motley Rice employees, totaling $59,850. Most of the donations are from lawyers, though a paralegal and a «law intern» also gave money to Biden. Motley Rice also is involved in Roundup litigation, as well as in cases about breast implants, hernia mesh, Takata airbags, Johnson & Johnson’s baby power, and prescription opioids.

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As Asbestos Claims Rise, So Do Worries about Fraud

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Q&A: What’s the Asbestos Risk Today?

Three decades after Manville Corp. collapsed under an avalanche of asbestos litigation, personal-injury claims continue to pile up at a rate of 85 per day.

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