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The chrysotile industry future is in the hands of the young!

teens13.10.2011, Moscow/Asbestos – the Ural meeting of Youth union took place in Asbestos on October, 5-8th 2011. It resulted in creation of a new trade union organization. This time the chrysotile industry was supported by the young. The Federal Mass media representatives personally got a chance to get all the information at first hand.

At their final meeting the members of the Ural Youth union unanimously decided to join the Chrysotile Industry Youth League and support the native industry interests along with senior colleagues. The new public organization will represent the young employees of chrysotile asbestos enterprises, oppose antiasbestos campaign and protect their own social and labor, industrial, professional and economic rights. The key objectives of the Union are the organization of the conferences and courses on chrysotile asbestos safe use and international relations development.

Vladimir Kamenskykh was unanimously elected as a Chrysotile Industry Youth League Chairman. Vladimir is Ural Mining University graduate specializing in «Mining machinery and equipment». Since 2001 he has been working with the cars, including mining trucks like «BelAZ». Hard working and initiative young professional has repeatedly won awards and acknowledgments. He was also awarded the Diploma of the Sverdlovsk Regional union construction workers. In 2009, Kamenskykh was elected as a Chairman of the “Uralasbest” transport company trade union. Since then, the trade union work has become his major occupation.

The trade union today is almost the only organization that can protect the interests of workers and give young people a good start hereafter. That’s why it was so important to support the initiative of young professionals to unite into a single organization in the framework of the Meeting in Asbestos. Another purpose of the event was the trade union activists training according to the «Youth for Safe Work» program. The Meeting was organized with the participation of the Sverdlovsk region Trade Union Federation, the International Alliance of «Chrysotile» trade unions and JSC «Uralasbest». Participants of the Meeting announced their solidarity with the chrysotile industry veterans and ability to fight against antiasbestos campaign environmental extremism.

Exactly within the Meeting a press-tour for the federal mass media representatives was organized. Journalists from «Industrial weekly», «Russia Communal Complex», «Science and Life», «Ogonek», «Construction newspaper,» along with «STS» and TV channels witnessed this generations` unity under slogans on the protection of natural mineral mined here in Asbestos for more than 150 years. During the press tour the guests visited Bazhenovskoye deposit of chrysotile — the world’s largest one. They also attended the industry meeting and plenary session where the young people chose their new organization leader.