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Аsbestos pandemic in WHO. The statement of the international Alliance of trade-union organizations “Chrysotile”

RUK_8094Recently in the World health organization has grown asbestosphobia. One might think, that the world soon will face next pandemic- at this time of the asbestos-related diseases.

The officials at WHO intentionally bring completely improbable figures about the amount of annual deaths from the asbestos-related diseases to frighten the public opinion of imaginary threat. The minutes and decisions, accepted by the supreme body of WHO – World Health Assembly on the issue of elimination of asbestos-related diseases are intentionally distorted. There is an association of the WHO officials engaged in issues of occupational health at the WHO Geneva office and a WHO regional office for Europe for protection of environment in Bonn with the representatives of a global asbestos litigation industry. The people nominated as the WHO temporary advisers on the questions of asbestos-related diseases, are supervised by the International ban asbestos secretariat, which is created and financed by a global asbestos litigation industry. The native sister of the owner of one of the asbestos litigation companies of USA, specializing in asbestos claims supervises the international ban asbestos secretariat and her brother in his turn is appointed to the management of asbestos trusts, with accumulate tens of billions dollars in assets.

On holding the international meetings on chrysotile asbestos ban, on transport, travel and the accommodation expenses of hundreds of participants, are spent the fantastic sums of money estimated as many dozens of millions of US dollars. The international ban asbestos secretariat together with the WHO officials and ban asbestos groups, created by them create panic moods at the governments — countries of WHO members and their population. On WHO web site the reports are written by the so-called WHO temporary advisers, who have no any medical qualification at all. Those reports are published and have nothing in common with the scientifically proved approach to a problem of the asbestos-related diseases. The WHO officials and WHO temporary advisers are, simultaneously members of ban asbestos groups in different countries of the world and advocate and promote asbestos substitutes whose influence on health is not investigated enough and requires additional researches. Probably, it will appear, that they have even larger carcinogenic potential, than amphibole asbestos, which is forbidden to usage in the majority of the countries of the world.

As far as the chrysotile asbestos issue is concerned, the international asbestos litigation industry, whose mouthpiece is the International ban asbestos secretariat, is very-well informed on much lower carcinogenic potential of chrysotile in comparison with amphibole asbestos, but intentionally confuses public opinion for the expansion and promotion of their business to the countries of Europe, former Soviet Union and developed countries. And the scale of public opinion deception on the question of chrysotile asbestos is staggering. It is inadmissible, that the World Health Organization goes on an occasion at a global asbestos litigation industry and, in essence, supports as a matter of fact businesses a global deception of world’s public opinion, using the unskilled advisers and officials.

The experts with the opposite point of view on the given problem, the same WHO officials simply do not allow participation in meetings held by WHO. The international Alliance of Trade Union Organizations “Chrysotile” just has just received a refusal in participation in the international meeting «Human and Financial burden of asbestosа in the WHO European region » on 5-6 November 2012 in Bonn. Officials who are responsible for its realization is just the representatives of the international asbestos litigation industry who are in close ties with WHO officials. The reason for the refusal to the 2 representatives of trade unions in participation in the given meeting was the absence of spare seats. But seats for the members of antiasbestos lobby at the previous meeting on asbestos related diseases in Bonn in June 2011 has appeared well enough.

In connection with the above-mentioned from our point of view it is necessary:
— To give publicity these shocking actions of the WHO officials and their rich patrons having in assets of asbestos trusts billions of US dollars,
— To carry out thorough investigation of activities of the WHO officials and WHO temporary advisers and to discharge them from activity in WHO for the period of holding of such an investigation.

The chairman of the international Alliance of trade-union organizations “Chrysotile”